Detached Japanese-style room Type-B [70m²]

Outdoor hot spring bath
Outdoor hot spring bath
Indoor bath
Indoor bath
Meals in your room
Meals in your room
2 semi-double beds
2 semi-double beds

Dedicated open-air hot spring bath with "Nagisa-no-yu" hot spring water from Kamogawa Hot Spring.


Auspicious omen motives: Futatsumaru-Ryu dragons × Theme color: Aoheki (azure)

The dragon, revered as the god of water and a symbol of protection and fertility, has deepened people's faith.
The design motif is power overflowed from Futatsumaru-Ryu dragon.
The interior and furnishings are coordinated in the theme color of "Aoheki," inspired from the mountains surrounded Lien.

Overview of Room

Room type
Detached Japanese-style room 10 tatami mats, dining room, bedroom (2 semi-double beds made by Simmons) (85m²) Open-air hot spring bath (from Kamogawa Onsen "Nagisa no Yu") + indoor bath / terrace
2 persons (up to 5 persons possible)
Facilities in guest rooms
Air-conditioning/ Western-style toilet (included Bidet seat) / Safety box/ Moobibear high-speed balanced ionic hair dryer / 55-inch TV (NETFLIX available) / Wireless LAN / Refrigerator / Kettle / Espresso machine / Tea set / Air Dog (high-performance air purification)
All amenities for ladies are selected from POLA B.
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body milk, and natural foundation (All products are organic and from Italy)
In-room dining in a private dining room